When Robert Gaynier, Operations Manager for MetroPCS in Dallas, celebrated his 17th anniversary back in May, it sparked an idea. Wouldn’t it be interesting to share stories of the path some of our long-time team members took to success?

Since Robert was the inspiration, we’re going to tell his story first. Robert Gaynier joined Telvista in the Grapevine call center as a Tech Support Agent at the end of May 2000. Six months after he was hired, he earned the opportunity to move up to a mentor position on a new contract. Within a year, he was tapped to become one of the first Telvista team members to work on the brand-new Ops Desk Intraday.

Robert moved to the MetroPCS team and was promoted to Supervisor in January of 2002 when the program was implemented. At that time, Cyndi Fischer was the Operations Manager and Chris Griffis was the Client Services Manager in Client Care. It’s hard to believe all three of them are still here.

It’s even more fun to hear how much they still enjoy working together. Here’s what Training and Quality Director, Cyndi Fischer, says about working with her buddy. “Robert was a Supervisor on my team when we launched the first agents for MetroPCS. He had 75 agents reporting to him and he completed all 5 monitors per agent per month as I required. So, sups, don’t ever complain about your evaluation requirements to Robert! Our clients love him because he is to the point and holds his teams accountable. His agents love him because they know he is like a friendly bear – he growls a lot but is really a big softie! I value his partnership in making Telvista and our clients successful!!”

Several members of that original MetroPCS team are still here. The team’s longevity says a lot about how they are more than just colleagues. They have become a family. They volunteer together, support and encourage each other, mourn together and celebrate together.

Robert speaks proudly of all they have accomplished. “Every program MetroPCS has ever had started here,” he says.

His diverse experience includes being the only Supervisor in Telvista history to handle two accounts, simultaneously. He also served as a supervisor on an energy utility provider contract. Robert was promoted to MetroPCS Group Supervisor in 2006 when we moved to the Park West facility. He was Group Supervisor for MetroPCS, and four other contracts all at once for a brief period.

In 2008, Robert moved to a telecommunications contract as an Operations Manager and served in that capacity through June of 2014 when he came back home to MetroPCS. Robert has managed operations for more than one program more than once.

Cyndi describes Robert’s expertise this way, “I have worked with Robert for over 15 years, in many different capacities. What makes him a great Ops Manager is the fact that he has ‘been there, done that’ in so many roles in the call center. Agent, work force management, Supervisor, Group Sup and Ops manager. He understands what needs and can be done, because he has actually done it himself.”

Many associates, mentors and supervisors here today, have been part of Robert’s teams. He has been pivotal in hiring, training and developing a lot of familiar faces who continue to serve in MetroPCS, three other contracts and two other departments.

If you wonder whether being a Telvista agent is a job with a future, just ask Robert Gaynier. He’s a great example and, like many great leaders, he invests his time and energy in helping people develop the skills they need to achieve their goals.