by Le’Risa Anderson

The breeze slowly crept her face as she gazed into the fallen sun beneath the ocean.
As the memories filled her cluttered yet curious mind, she wondered why she never took notion.

Toes filled with crystals from the sands on the shore, the evil thoughts crept her mind once more.
Heart filled with sadness, pain and defeat, a body full of worry, stress and fatigue.
Have I really given up, has the battle really come to an end?
She asked herself trying to comprehend.
Trying to take hold of her life that crumbled right before her eyes. Tasting the salty tears that fell from her cries.

The winds beating on her face, running to the arms of the one who really cares.
Dropping down on her knees, she wants to scream she wants to yell.
Stating to herself it’s all unreal it’s a nightmare. Unfolding her eyelids to witness what was real.
As she sat in her sorrow no one on the shores to sympathize with how she feels.
All alone in paradise, trees swaying singing a blissful noise, waves dancing back and forth on the warm shore.

To take in such a beautiful sight, caramel skin glistens as the rays hit her body.
It was just another painting, another portrait in a lobby.
As I memorized this picture, how remarkable an artist could be.
Contemplating why he chose to name the painting, “me.”
Wetness forming in my eyes making the painting blurry.
A trickle down my cheek…
“me,” is all I see.

-Original poem by Le’Risa Anderson, Danville Team.