by Darrell White

I see the door but it is closed,
I hear the cars passing up and down the street,
The rustling of the leaves in the grass blowing and tossing with the trees gently in the breeze,
I hear the children’s feet on the sidewalk and the sound of the dogs barking in the distance,
I see the blue jays flying back and forth,
I see the mockingbirds as they attack the cat,
Suddenly I hear the sounding of a roar but it’s a crackling of thunder,
But the sun is shining as bright as any other day,
Then I look up and I see something I never seen before,
I look and I look and I say to myself what is it that I see?
Then, I realize, that it is God sitting on His porch and He’s just sitting there watching me.
© 2017

-Original poetry by Darrel White, Dallas Team.