9/11 Remembered
by Carol Irvin

As we remember all the loved ones who died on that fateful day
for a cause with no meaning that so many lives were taken away
tears were shed and heroes remembered for their courageous acts
The 9/11 date is embedded in our hearts forever with so much impact!
We are living in a world that should be filled with care and love
it is given to us freely every single day from the Lord up above
Let us cherish each and every moment for it may well be our last
Let’s remember all the good things, leave the bad things in the past
A challenge for all is to wish others a blessed happy and healthy life
from children, friends, relatives, enemies (them too), husband and wife
The life we have is precious and should be enjoyed until life’s final breath
So, enjoy the living of your life because there’s no joy in living after death!

by Carol Irvin

When we are living
without being stressed,
we’re highly favored
and truly blessed

Life is filled with a
lot of mess
trying playing checkers
or even chess

Don’t be sad and don’t
be depressed
just jump in the shower
then get dressed

There is nothing more and
nothing less
just live your life without
the stress

-Original Poetry by Carol Irvin, Danville Team.