by Anita Shaw
Lessons of the world
What we’re shown
Depends on them
What we take from it
Depends on us.
Stand strong
Show faith and pride
Stand together
Never hide.
© 2016 Marvelous-mum

by Anita Shaw
Sometime has gone by
What will I do
A smile never a sigh
I owe it all to you.
We laugh, we cry
You comfort me
A smile never a sigh
A difference anyone can see.
Can I return the favor
Your answer simple but true
Keep that smile for later
And let others do for you.
© 2015 Marvelous-mum

by Anita Shaw
Time moves on
We travel ahead
In search for something new
We come to a stop instead
Getting older and wiser
Learning from our mistakes
Everyone’s equal
Thru tough times and outbreaks
What society sees..
Pale skin, doesn’t mean a better friend
What really shows..
Look left, look right
Everyone knows
Because you’re a friend
Does it make you weak?
What really matters
Open up to the real world, go on take a peek.
© 2014 Marvelous-mum


-Original poetry by Anita Shaw, Dallas Team.